New Music: June 1st & June 8th

It’s June and it’s Black Music Month! So much music is coming out this June and it’s my business to make it your business so as P.Diddy says…..LET’S GO!!!

R & B

Playlist: The Very Best of R.Kelly ~June 1

R.Kelly has had his share of legal troubles but you can’t deny the fact that the Pied Piper is one talented brother.  Whether you’re into is baby making music, soul searching anthems or two stepping hits, his career has produced some great songs for himself as well as others. {Click for Tracklist}

Bionic by Christina Aguilera ~June 8

After having a baby boy and living life, the little white girl with the soulful big voice returns.  I know she’s a megastar but for some reason I don’t think she gets the credit she deserves.  She is the only person who can blow today’s popstars out of the water and belt out a tune like only a Stax or Motown recording artist can. {Click for Tracklist}

Hip Hop

Dopeman Music by Scarface ~ June 1

This Ghetto Boy turned solo artist is one of the few rap artists that I listen to as an adult.  I have to admit, I am not familiar with his earlier work.  I listened to him growing up because I have a brother 8 years my senior but I had no clue what he and his boys were talking about.  I became a true fan of his after 2002’s The Fix and if you get this mixtape I’m sure it will not disappoint.  I consider Scarface the Soul of Southern Rap Music and so should you. {Click for Tracklist}

El Che by Rhymefest ~June 8

A few years back, I heard about Rhymefest by way of the world’s most famous College Dropout, Kanye West.  I haven’t heard much from hims since then but he’s back with a new album.  Described as a smart urban hip-hop record addressing contemporary issues with strong melodic hooks. It’s a bit of a through back with live drubs, horns, guitar, basss and background vocals. Featuring guest MCs: EL, Little Brother, Darien Brockington and Slique. {Click for Tracklist}


Playlist: The Very Best of Fred Hammond ~June 1

Fred Hammond and his entourage of gospel singers have gotten me through many days.  This greatest hits album contains some of his most memorable songs and my all time favorite Let The Praise Begin. {Click for Tracklist}

Get Ready by Forever Jones ~ June 8

Forever Jones is a gospel band with a remarkable story.  After being told by doctors that she was unable to have children, Kim and Dewitt Jones were blessed with five wonderful children and recently welcomed their first grandchild. Each member in this family group holds their own as they all either play instruments, sing, write or produce. {Click for Tracklist}



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